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Air France – Bright Take Flight Campaign

I was honored to be a part of Air France’s ”Bright Take Flight‘ campaign late last year – showcasing the Premium Economy features that the airline provides. The campaign was shot for the Air France microsite and featured 6 different influencers and content creators.
As a frequent flyer it was great to be part of a campaign that I felt like I was connected to – I regularly fly for business so it was important for me to think about how I would see this campaign as a potential customer. The campaign was fun, vibrant and had to be true to Air France’s vision (including the color toning!).

Over three days we created a variety of sets ups that showcased each influencer’s personality. One of my favorite shots featured Malian-French singer Inna Modja. It’s rare that in the first shot you say ‘we have it!!’ but with Inna she was an absolute natural in front of the camera. 
I also got to work with beauty & lifestyle blogger Claire Marshall (who highlighted the amenity kit) and Illustrator Blair Breitenstein showcased the ‘space’ on board (since she often finds herself working whilst she is traveling!). I’ve been a fan of Blair’s work for a while so it was great to meet her and get to know her story.

You can see the full campaign including the video interviews/behind the scenes on the Air France ‘Bright Take Flight’ website. 


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