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Armani Diamonds / Film Appearance & BTS

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with British singer Ella Eyre on set for the Armani Diamonds in England and wow, what an experience!

The video shoot itself took place at a gorgeous house just outside of Brighton and was the perfect setting for the Armani Diamonds club to set up. It was the perfect setting – and a contrast to the breezy oceanfront view of Brighton I had just left.

Rolling up in a taxi for the early call time I was amazed at how large the location was – a gorgeous country manor surrounded by green rolling hills. Opening the large manor doors I was greeted by the lovely production team (Bespoke Banter) who told me what would be taking place throughout the day.

Whilst I arrived knowing my role on the day, reading the storyboard brought everything to life and that’s when the excitement set in. Not only to be a part of such a great production but knowing that I’d be photographing Ella in such gorgeous surroundings.
My role was both photographer and a cameo in the campaign video. It was a great experience once again to switch roles and appear in front of the camera.
Being a participant in the video enabled me to see how a large production works on something this large and wow, there was a lot of hands to make such a dynamic final film! From the initial set up, listening to creative conversations, watching them light, instruct and see the magic come together was definitely an eye opener for me as a still artist.

My role as the actual photographer was to shoot stills of Ella in-between her performance, grabbing her attention for a short amount of time and taking behind the scenes/product shots of the whole event taking place. It was an experience that made me think on my feet and I had to wait for the right moment to jump in and take my shots. It’s a very similar experience to shooting a model whilst they are walking on a busy street – the careful approach and being sure it’s the right moment to take your shot.

In my cameo role in the film I was Ella’s photographer for the party and helped her set up in the house ready for her event in the evening. For the evening I pretty much ‘let my hair down’ and got dressed up to dance with Ella and enjoy the music. This was the fun part – watching the performers dance for hours in-between shots. The energy even during the evening was incredible.

Overall the experience was one to remember. Ella is incredibly easy to work – personality-wise and professionally and it was great to work alongside someone so talented.
As an artist Armani is a brand I truly admire – it’s sophisticated, bold but has a feminine touch, the exact message I like to share within my work. The new Diamonds perfume has this exact message and has become my daily go-to fragrance.

You can view the final campaign video,  here. 



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