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Behind The Scenes with Vogue Taiwan

May was a busy editorial month for me! After a few weeks of planning I ended up shooting 3 back to back editorials in NY – all of which happen to now be a few of my favorite shoots.
One of my favorites was a collaboration with Vogue Taiwan and IMG model Bambi Northwood-Blyth. 

Featuring layered fall looks of the season we decided to use a location house that was consistent the theme. We wanted Bambi to feel at home in the space – almost as if she was lounging in her apartment or personal space and we were capturing her throughout the day.
Finding a location that suits the theme is important when I’m trying to pull all of the pieces together – sometimes it takes me weeks of research to find the perfect space!
For those that are familiar with my work – you’ll notice I always love to photograph in spaces that have textured / rugged walls or you’ll see that I’m often using hand painted backdrops that feature a lot of texture. The main reason is that I feel it adds interest to an image and makes it less clinical – adding these backgrounds make an image feel more painterly, which goes hand in hand with the soft lighting I almost always use.

A big thank you to my team for making this shoot possible! Fashion photography is always a collaboration and the shoot couldn’t have been what it is without the right team on board. I am lucky enough that I get to call a lot of these guys friends!

Photography – Lara Jade
Styling – Melina Chen
Make Up – Deborah Altizio using NARS
Hair – Yukiko Tajima @ WM Artist Mgmt using Oribe
Nails – Naoko Saita @ Artlist
Retouching – Victor Wagner
Photo Assistants – Jacob Skoglund and Jose Alvarado

BTS IMAGES CREDIT – Megan Toriglia


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