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Harrods & Actress Sarah Winter BTS

April was a super busy month for me in London! It was definitely a month of building content and adding new content to my portfolio. Towards the middle of the month I had the opportunity to shoot actress Sarah Winter for Harrods Magazine. Sarah was recently featured in the TV ShowVersailles and is definitely a one to watch in the acting world!

Harrods has been one of my regular clients and I always enjoy working with stylist Poppy Rock – she really gets the classic/feminine style that I love to shoot. Our talent, Sarah Winter is one of those rare creates – brains, beauty and an absolute joy to work with. From the moment she walked into the location house I knew that it would be an easy day – she was very open to try new things and willing to listen to my posing advice. I always find that working with actresses or dancers is easy – you just need to give them a role. At the start of every shoot with talent, I make sure that they are at ease with the moodboard/theme of the shoot and that they are happy with styling. I have become quite good at knowing when a talent is not happy with the styling/hair/make-up/lighting/idea – it’s a work in progress. I believe it’s best when everyone is happy with the results – I always want to give images I am proud of but something I know that the talent and team will share too.

The location house was located in East London and is a creative space you may recognize from many UK TV and print commercials. Although it’s an amazing space – full of color and eclectic props – images can look very similar to other campaigns and portfolio work if you are not careful. From what I have seen in other shoots, props are always overused or telling of the location.
For this shoot I wanted to keep it simple – especially since we are focusing on talent, the focus should always be on them. These are images to accompany an interview so business on the layout of the pages is not necessary.

The loose concept I received from the magazine was to do something classic and feminine in contrast with the urban environment – old floorboards, ripped walls and worn props. It was my idea to keep the focus on the subject on the walls and have the wall be a consistent factor in the series of images. Sarah has beautiful porcelain skin (which is perfect for her role in the TV show Versailles) so I was careful to make sure this was a detail I captured in my pieces. Having great hair/make-up stylist who takes pride in getting everything right in camera is crucial to a successful shoot and as a result, there wasn’t much retouching work that was required after to get these images ready for print.

Shoot Credits
Styling by Poppy Rock
Make-Up by James Molloy
Hair by Brady Lea
Retouching by Bespoke Pixel

Behind The Scenes Credit – Megan Toriglia.


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