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HFM – British Seaside Behind The Scenes

This was one of my most challenging shoots. Its been a while since I photographed in lovely good old British weather and this is a pure example of why beach shoots are tricky within the UK (unless you wait for a few weeks in summer.. and even then it’s unreliable!). However, this wasn’t your standard bikini/summer beach shoot, we wanted the British seaside, we wanted it to be grey, we wanted neutral colors and all the fun it has to offer!
I grew up on beaches like this – tiny beach towns with fish and chips for ‘tea’, playing on the sand and building sandcastles, collecting seashells and staying up all night chatting to my sister in the tiny caravan bedrooms. I loved the little family getaways we had no matter how simple they were.

At the start of this shoot I started to think back to my childhood and what I liked most about these getaways on the beach. I wanted the girls to act as good friends (almost like me and my sister were as kids). We also had Mini send us a lovely red car which helped pop color into the netural setting and keep that retro feel alive.

With editorials like this I want a narrative to be present throughout the images – almost as if you’re a fly on the wall watching moments as they play out. Whenever I plan these editorials there’s only so much prep I can do in advance, on the day the puzzle pieces all fit together but I also like to leave some things to chance (depending how much creative direction I get). These ‘chances’ are often unexpected moments and some of my favourite shots.

Big props to the models and team for pulling through a REALLY cold AND windy day, everything was thrown at us but we pulled through!

Models – Nette and Lucia @ The Hive Management
Styling by Jodie Nellist
Hair by Bjorn Krischker @ Frank Agency
Make Up by Frances Prescott
Retouch by Monica Chamorro
Behind The Scenes Photos by Megan Toriglia


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