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Hong Kong Tatler – The Great Escape

I always love a cinematic editorial shoot! Tell me you want an on location shoot and throw in some retro inspired clothing and you’ve got my attention!
When the fashion editor of Hong Kong Tatler reached out to me and asked me to shoot for their September issue I jumped at the chance! The only brief I was given was that it had to be shot around NY and have an old New York feel. I really enjoy the challenge of an open brief. You get to be as creative as you want (in consideration of certain guidelines) and often bring your choice of team to work on the shoot.

To get the classic NY feel it was essential that we included classic landmarks – bridges, typical wide NY street scenes and classic diners. By choosing these three locations, we created a cohesive story. To make it timeless we chose locations that had a time-warped feel. I wanted viewers that have never been to New York to experience some of it’s history. To wanted to exist in the images and go back in time.

The first part of any editorial shoot is choosing your team. The styling for this shoot was important – it required layering and mixing ideas to create the old NY feel whilst still remaining modern. I reached out to NY based stylist Connie Berg, as I felt she had evidence of this in her portfolio AND she wasn’t not afraid to put in the work on set. After the brief was sent to her I trusted her vision completely to pull suitable clothes based on the brief I sent over to her.

Make-up and hair styling was minimal because we wanted a slightly androgynous feel (and we didn’t want to overpower the environment). I wanted the model to look strong. Almost like she was in 1950s NY as an actress and these were scenes shot between filming a movie. For me, location shoots have to have a story, whether completely evident in the final images or not. Having a story makes it easier for everyone to work from a brief.

Remember this took place in the middle of summer, a 12-hour day and everyone was working within a limited space! Personality is incredibly important when casting! I always say you take on everything or nothing at all. In these scenarios I am a creative director, photographer, and producer. I am not afraid to run into the middle of the street or on a busy bridge during peak hour. I don’t mind working around an audience. I don’t mind lying on the floor to get the right shot or asking a restaurant if it would be okay to shoot outside or their venue. I don’t mind working from the back of a passenger van or car. These are the things I’ve conditioned myself to be comfortable with. If you want to be a location shooter these are the things you have to teach yourself to be comfortable with as well. Confidence and inspiration is key!

Shoot Credits
Anne V @ NY Models
Styling by Connie Berg
Hair by @ Jeanie Syfu
Make Up by Kim Weber
Photo Assistants Matt Richards and Mike Skigen
Retouching Lara Jade & Solstice Retouch


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