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L’Officiel Suisse – Behind The Scenes

Winter is always taxing on any artist and specifically a photographer who likes to shoot on location! I was craving the sunshine and the ability to shoot on location and dreaming of spring beach and California roadside scenes. To fuel my inspiration and to kick start spring shoots I decided to shoot a last minute editorial whilst on a work trip to London. In-between my other photography assignments I started arranging an idea around the idea of something fresh and pure – the idea of all whites came to mind and I decided to keep the idea simple (without it being overly commercial). Whilst I like to plan editorials or personal projects that fill a place in my portfolio for my clients to view, it’s often nice to plan a shoot that has a personal link. If I’ve been thinking of an idea for a while (or it’s been on my desktop in the form of a moodboard for a few weeks!) then for me, that’s a shoot that has to be brought to life.

Collaboration for these types of shoots are important. Ozzy Shah is a stylist in London who really understands minimal styling and I believe we have a very similar vision when it comes to fashion photography. We’ve worked together enough to understand each others taste. Taste is a huge factor when it comes to working with teams and if you are all on the same pages then the images are successful. Take one person in the equation who has a different voice and the images will feel misplaced no matter how well the images were lit/posed etc. It’s not every shoot that you get to choose who you work with but when you do, you should always cast based on skill & what I call ‘set energy’. I like to work with people who take their job seriously but know that fashion photography isn’t everything – they have a good time on set, they keep the energy going and the momentum at the start of the shoot needs to stay the same throughout the day.
For this particular shoot I felt that every piece of the puzzle came together thanks to an amazing team.

Models – Monika @ Milk Management and Nete @ Hive Management
Styling – Ozzy Shah @ Carol Hayes Management
Make Up – James Malloy @ D&V Management
Hair – Brady Lea @ Stella Creative Artists
Nails – Stephanie Staunton @ Carol Hayes Management
Assisting – Megan Toriglia
Retouching – Bespoke Pixel

BTS Photo Credit – Megan Toriglia


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