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Town & Country – Muses

I recently collaborated with Town & Country for its October issue promotion T&C Muses—showing some of my go-to beauty products, accessories and some of my favorite Oscar de la Renta pieces of the season.

I am lucky enough to be on the doorstep of many inspiring locations and this is a big reason why I choose my area of Brooklyn. Living close to the area of Fort Greene reminds me of my childhood in England with its quaint tree-lined streets, independent coffee shops, and manicured gardens. I love that I can step outside my apartment complex and head straight to ‘work’ at one of the many coffee shops!

The area I live in has served as a playground for many of my editorial and commercial shoots. It only felt right to choose to shoot from my home studio and the surrounding streets for this feature!

Whether I am in front of the camera or behind it, I treat every shoot the same. My thought process of showing my fave go-tos was to think about how I would approach this with a model subject — making sure that the outfits worked within the environment and thinking carefully about the placement of lighting and how it flowed across a set of images. As you guys know, I always like to be sure that my content is consistent — whether it’s a personal project, commercial job, or editorial!

With this feature, I wanted to share a few glimpses into my day-to-day life and also share a few of my favorite go-to items and products. Being a busy photographer who does a lot of air travel and has long days on set means it’s important that I stay healthy—this includes what I eat, drink, and how I treat my body. I like to start every morning with a scheduled routine which includes using a hydrating moisturizer. I am a big fan of moisturizers that don’t dry out instantly, and the Water Drench Hyaluronic moisturizer by Peter Thomas Roth is incredible. It’s on the top of my packing list when I leave for work.

I always want to feel presentable no matter what time of day because my schedule can change quickly. If I have little time in the morning, or I need to change my makeup, then my eyes are a priority. I’m a big fan of darker metallic eyeshadows and often like to mix different eyeshadows to get a unique effect—starting lighter near my nose and progressively getting darker towards the end to extend my eyelid. The Save The Forest eyeshadow palette by Chantecaille gets you from day to night with the lighter-darker tones, and the pigments are great. As an animal lover, I love that this palette is for a great cause.

Designer Oscar de la Renta has been a longtime favorite of mine—I love the elegance and timeless style of the designs, and again, the designs can get you from day to night. The pieces showcased in this feature are all comfortable and breathable, and not only easy to work in, but perfect to wear for an event when dressed up. My personal favorite is the red long-ribbed woolen Carmine dress. I love simplicity and no-fuss, and this dress embodies everything I love about dressing up. It’s the perfect fall piece to accessorize, and if you’re on the shorter side like me, playing it up with a pair of heels is a smart option!

The head-to-toe flower-printed ensemble is a little dressier, but I couldn’t help but place it in an environment that I would use for a fashion shoot—the brownstones of Brooklyn! I love a wide-leg trouser (again, being short, I can fake that longer-leg look!!), so I love that this whole piece gives the appearance of a longer silhouette.

The white Oscar de la Renta blouse speaks for itself and is a perfect piece for a meeting. I love the embellished sleeves—it elevates your classic white blouse and makes it more dressy.

Lastly, I love to always choose my accessories at the final moment. My accessories have to ‘feel’ right with the outfit I choose. A watch is the last piece I add to my look. I never leave the house without one. I know iPhones make it easy to track the time nowadays, but there’s something classic about having a watch. In my opinion, it completes an outfit. The Breguet watch is a luxurious way to stay on schedule.

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