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Verizon Fios – Instant Internet Collaboration

January was an incredibly busy month for me – with two trips back to London and several commercial jobs and editorials, it was one of my busiest months yet!
One of the most interesting opportunities that came up during the start of the year was a collaboration with ad agency R/GA and Verizon FIOS. Who had just released a new fast internet in NY called ‘Instant Internet’.

The collaboration was to show how a busy creative like myself goes about using the internet in the workspace. I often shoot from my apartment studio for smaller gigs and personal shoots so I decided to use my apartment as the location for the shoot – showing how I use internet from home to make my workflow faster.
To be honest I am my most comfortable when I work from home (who wouldn’t be?!). I’m familiar with the space, how everything works, how everything is stored and my photo assistants are always very familiar with the space. We are also not worrying about the time ticking away and it’s a bonus when the set pets (aka the cats!) are on set too.. because you know, things can get a bit stressful in the work environment!

Actress Jenny Mollen Biggs was my subject for the day (if you haven’t seen or heard of Jenny, go head on over to her social media accounts – she’s hilarious!). Photographing Jenny was not like work – we had a fun day laughing at outfits, poses and sharing jokes.

Did it make my workflow faster? YES. I am able to send RAW files to my retoucher in an instant. I also rely on fast internet to DOWNLOAD and send files to my clients and I’m usually doing this process whilst crossing about 10 other things off of my To-Do List. To be able to send files in an instant makes my life easier and how many of us always ask for more time in the day?!

Take a peek at the final video and see what we got up to, here.


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